Thursday, 6 July 2017

Schützenfest 2017 7th -10th July

Location: Town Centre and Schützenplatz Paderborn
Price: Festival tickets: 8€, Daily tickets 5€
Friday: The opening ceremony takes place outside the Paderborn town hall starting at 19.00. There will be beer, food and celebrations.
Saturday: There will be live music at the Schützenplatz from 18.00 followed by a disco.
Sunday:  Marching bands and procession through town during the morning.  The Family afternoon (free entrance) runs from 13.00 -17.30, at the Schützenplatz, with children's rides and games.  There will be a concert in the evening.

Monday: The festival starts at 13.00 culminating in a fireworks and laser show at 22.30.

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